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Studium is a platform where students of the University of Ghent are able to share their own course notes, summaries and more with other students. The goal is to make it simple, clean and above all free! Originally created by Karel D'Oosterlinck, Silas Deblanc and Maxim De Clercq, this platform is created together with VTK and the Ghent Student Council.

By who?


VTK Ghent, the Flemish Technical Society, is the student society for engineering students at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the University of Ghent. VTK can be contacted via

Ghent Student Council

The Ghent Student Council is the central student council of Ghent University. The Ghent Student Council represents and defends the interests of the students. The topics range from all affairs concerning education (Education and Examination code, special status for students ...) as well as social affairs (housing, student restaurants ...) and many other topics. The list of topics is quite diverse and is not limited to the aforementioned. However, the Ghent Student Council is not solely active on the university level. As well as supporting the Faculty Student Councils of which there are eleven, the Ghent Student Council is also active on both the municipal and Flemish level. Finally, the Ghent Student Council supports several smaller and a few big projects such as the Fietsambassade, the Student Kick-Off and Studium. Are you interested or do you have questions? Feel free to contact us through email via


Is Studium available to the entire University of Ghent?

Currently, Studium is in its testing phase. In this phase only the students of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Ghent have access to this platform. Starting from the 2022-2023 academic year, Studium will be available to the entire university.

Is Studium available to people outside of the University of Ghent?

No, currently there are no plans to extend this platform to people outside of the university.


To contact Studium for information or other enquiries, please send an email to .